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Listen to me — all of you out there! You were told by this man — your hero — that America is the greatest country in the world!
He told you that Americans were the greatest people — that America could be refined like silver, could have the impurities hammered out of it, and shine more brightly!
He went on about how precious America was — how you needed to make sure it remained great!
And he told you anything was justified to preserve that great treasure, that pearl of great price that is America!
Well, I say America is nothing!! Without its ideals — its commitment to the freedom of all men, America is a piece of trash!
A nation is nothing! A flag is a piece of cloth!
I fought Adolf Hitler not because America was great, but because it was fragile! I knew that liberty could be snuffed out here as in Nazi Germany! As a people, we were no different then them!
When I returned, I saw that you nearly did turn American into nothing!
And the only reason you’re not less then nothing —
— is that it’s still possible for you too bring freedom back to America!
Captain America
What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

There’s only so much I could tell you the truth.  Some day you have to learn to accept it.  You’re beautiful because God designed you, PERSONALLY.

That moment…

That moment when you realize who you really are, because what you do when no one is looking.

How much courage it takes to go before God, to repent the next moment.

A good child

I thought I was. I thought if I serve well and hard at church, follow God maybe I’ll be a good son to my earthly parents as well. How naive and foolish was I to think such thoughts.

Do you think you’re a good child because you don’t do drugs, smoke, or do those “bad” stuff? Do you think you’re a good child because you get straight A’s and people see you as a role model in society?


A good child is one that knows how to speak the love language of his/her parents. A good child would want to know how the parent’s day way. A good chikd would want to spend time eating a nice homemade dinner at the dining table without the television. A good child will help around the house doing more than what is theirs.

Imagine you are a mom or dad who after a long day of work come home to their kid glued to the television or computer who then barely acknowledges them of even the mere presence in the house. You tread carefully choosing the right words to say to your kids because you don’t want to bother them at what they’re doing. The only response you get is a short yes or no. Then when you’re about to have dinner with your kid, he says his friends want to hang out and that you’re going to go out and eat dinner with them.

But your kid is a 4.0 student who is a great servant of God.

Is he a good kid?

If you remember certain special occassions to honor your parents do you think you’re a good kid? It hurts so much to hear your own parent tell you that they raised you wrong. That they are at a loss and to stare at your parent in the face and all you see is regret and hopelessness, your heart rips.

Now ask yourself.
Are you a good child?

I tried too

I can’t believe I tried it. 

I tried too


I can’t believe I tried it.